Origins of Metamorphosis Literacy

You’re going to see this statement about us more than once, so be prepared: We LOVE to Read and Write. Motivating Students to become joyful, strategic, Independent Readers and life long learners is what we have spent over 20 years doing. Our founder committed herself to working with parents and educators to ensure that every child has an experience with a book that is so powerful that it transforms them forever and they never forget that moment. And THAT is what this site is about. Sharing the knowledge, the systems, and the experiences to help YOU; the Parents, Homeschoolers and Educators who have come to this site looking for ways to motivate and inspire your students to love reading.

Masterful lesson plans, e-learning scripts, training in literacy instruction and children’s stories in many different genres; THIS is the type of material that this site was created to provide to you. In fact, you’re going to find a lot here to help you on your journey as Parent, Homeschooler or Educator:

  •    Lesson Plan
  •    Teaching Scripts
  •    Interactive Bookclubs
  •    Suggested Reading
  •    Blogs
  •    Webinars
  •    How-To’s
  •    Training Videos
  •    And a forum to help you gain insight from not just us, but others just like you.

Our goal is the same, motivate children to be joyful, strategic, independent readers. Have fun browsing.

© 2015 by Metamorphosis Literacy.

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