5 Holiday Literacy Ideas for Kids

Tis’ the Season to engage in great authentic literacy experiences with your child(ren). Readers and Writers need real reasons to read and write. The holiday season is a great time to provide these opportunities. Below, are some great activities that incorporate reading with your 3-6 graders.


Recipe Readers

Reading to be informed is a skill all good readers need to know and be able to do. Reading to be able to perform a task is a great motivator to actually get your child to become engaged in reading. This holiday season, I encourage you to bake some tasty treats for the family, with your child, by using kid friendly recipes. Have your child read and follow the directions while you assist in the kitchen with set-up, clean-up, and safety matters.   You can even incorporate sewing and literacy by making some great aprons with nifty slogans to wear in the kitchen. A great  beginner children’s cookbook is Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book (Better Homes and Gardens Cooking)

Decorative Reader

The holiday time provides a lot of opportunities for your child’s creativity to soar as literacy skills are strengthened.  Together, with your child, discover the endless possibilities of decorating your home while reading great how-to craft books. Follow the step by step directions and beautify your home together.  It is extremely rewarding and motivating for kids to find purposeful reasons to read. You can also find great holiday craft presents you can make for friends and family members reading kids’ magazines and craft decorating books.


Playful Reader

Allow your child the opportunity to read the directions to great games; that also sharpens literacy skills. Taboo, Scategories, Guess Who, Monopoly, HedBanz, etc. are great games for 3rd-6th graders to begin playing. These are great thinking games that incorporate literacy skills such as questioning, word association, categorizing, following directions, and reading. Your children will have great fun as they develop their literacy tools while playing.

Review Reader

Snuggle up with a favorite holiday classic with your child or discover a new tale today. Write a review to persuade other children and parents to read the story together.  Record your child as they explain to you why he/she enjoyed the book so much. Next, have your child retell a little about the book without giving all of the best details away. Finally have your child explain what type of children/readers they think might like the story and why? For example, a child who loves adventure would love this book because it is full of action throughout the book. Together with your child listen to the recording of what he/she said about the story. Then, type up your review together.  Check for capitalization, organization, punctuation and spelling to make sure everything looks correct. Finally, have your child email a brief letter of introduction to a magazine editor, and tell him or her a little about themselves. Include their age, grade, address, and phone number. Finally, submit the review to the magazine.

Some popular Magazine’s that accept children’s reviews are:

  • Creative Kids
  • Stone Soup
  • Skipping Stones

 Creative Writer

Provide your child with supplies such as markers, stickers, crayons, construction paper, stationary and sample greeting cards. Together make a list of favorite friends and relatives with their mailing addresses. Create holiday greeting cards and send them to the people on your list. Another great way to incorporate writing into the holidays is to allow your child to take digital pictures of your family holiday traditions and create a digital/traditional scrapbook for all to enjoy. Have your child create great captions for each photo. Scrapbooks are great literacy projects because it explores the concept of themes as the method of organization. Spend time with your child discussing ways to thematically depict your family holiday traditions.

Learning never ends and when it is done with authentic experiences it makes it memorable and the learner wants to engage in the task over and over again. Remember, literacy learning is both a cognitive and emotional journey.  The more real life connections that can be made the more purposeful and valued the learning experiences become for the learner.  We hope you enjoy this holiday season and these tips help you fill the time with great literacy family fun.

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